Friday, May 9, 2008

The office reno....a work in progress

We’ve been really busy these last couple of months….both of us taking courses, taking care of the boy (who knew 3 was so busy??? Not us, not us- why are we so clueless about parenting?), maintaining some semblance of contact with friends and family, and trying to finish up our inside projects before the outside work starts.

You know, that sounds like we’re crazy workaholics or maybe just addicted to projects? Although it sounds like we’re neurotic about getting stuff done, and scheduling it all in tightly, we are also remarkably easy to talk out of doing the stuff. Why, just last weekend we spent the better part of Saturday sitting in a friend’s garage, drinking wine and eating deep fried turkey, with Ethan happily running his trains across the table and eating massive amounts of nacho dip. Was it our fault the community garage sale got rained out??? So there, friends and family…you can stop worrying about us! We do know how to relax.

In the house, we’re working on finishing up the office. Back in January, we moved Ethan into his new room (which was the old office) and decided that his old room would finally be the office we’d always wanted. We’ve grown a little tired of the wires and the piles of stuff and the general lack of organization and storage. So, we came up with a plan…..or actually I had the vision, and my favorite (so far!) husband is making it a reality. There’s been a bit of resistance on his part, but I’m confidant he’ll figure out how to do what I want, er, envision. Apparently installing an eight foot slab of butcher block for a desk, and making it look like it’s floating is too much to ask? And the conduit running along under the back of the desk, for hiding the wires….it’s a phenomenal idea, no? Anyway, we’re on our way, and this one just might get done. Colin has declared that there will be no more projects started until this one is done. We'll see.

This is our old / still in use desk. It's ugly, and all the wires show. I hate that. This is where the new "floating" desk will go, suspended between wall and cabinet. It'll be great. Just as soon as we have time to get it!

Some features so far….wall to wall built in cabinets (thank you Ikea kitchen sale!) which will house every unsightly piece of computer equipment, printer, scanner, cell phone chargers and Palm docks. And the shredder, the filing cabinet and so much more.

The under cabinet lighting is installed, and there's a nifty rack to keep all the little stuff off the work surface.

And, last weekend Colin did all the wiring and finally made us a network. Now we can view all of our photos and home movies on the TIVO / TV, among other things. Very cool. That Colin, he's really a good man.

Of course, the floating desk isn’t there yet but you can imagine it I’m sure. Soon, my friends, soon. I know you can hardly stand the wait. But, in the meantime, we have to peel a billion glow-in-the-dark-stars off the ceiling.....and doesn't that just scream crick in the neck???

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