Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Year of Living Biblically

Don't worry, that title doesn't refer to what I'm doing! As a lapsed Catholic, who's not really sure where / how organized religion fits in to her life (I'm still working on that....), I'm finding this book really interesting. And funny. It's humourous for sure, but I'm also learning a lot about the Bible. And I'm suprised how interesting it is. Did I mention that?

Anyways, the book caught my eye at Chapters one day, as I stood in line waiting to pay. Someone had apparently changed their mind about purchasing it, and thrown it in one of the sale bins near the check out. I picked it up and randomnly opened it to a page where the author describes trying to adhere to the 'love thy neighbour' commandment, when he doesn't really know his neighbours, or want to, and what little he does know, isn't good (descriptions of foul cooking smells, etc. follow). I started laughing, and kept reading.

It isn't all joking of course, and the author has assembled a team of religious advisors to help him interpret the bible, and its many versions. He's an agnostic who's commited one year of his life to trying to figure it all out, and trying to adhere to the many rules.

It's a good read, and it's making me think.....

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Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting Bea - I'll have to borrow it when you're done.