Sunday, September 16, 2007


Something I’ve been working on this past week, are some cool head coverings for my mom. Friday was her second round of chemo, and she’s pretty much lost her hair at this point. This was the thing that she’d feared most, but now appears to be taking it in stride. A week ago, when it started falling out rapidly, she declared it annoying, said it was messing up her house, and asked me to cut it really short. She’d already bought a wig and was ready to get on with wearing it. So off it came, all over my patio. Ethan had great fun telling me to “cut more Mama, cut more!”, then picked it up and carried chunks of it around with a big hair clip. Even showed his Dad who was working in the garage…those that know Colin can imagine how thrilled he was. So much for Ethan being traumatized by Oma’s hair loss. It is at times like this, I thank God that this family has a very warped and dark sense of humour!

Earlier this week, Mom brought the wig to her hairstylist. After she’d shaved what was left of my mom’s hair, she gave the wig a trim to make it look more like my mom’s. Pretty brave for someone who had earlier declared that she wouldn’t be able to handle the hair loss!

However, a wig is not the most comfortable thing to wear all the time. So, I researched a few patterns, found this one, and this is me in my first creation.

My mom is test driving it now and says it has significantly more style than the freebies the hospital and Hopespring (cancer support centre) give you. I’m on holidays for the early part of this week, so I’ll try another one as well. I’m having fun with this and will also make a couple of hats for myself…nothing better for bad hair days and the winter.


Rennagayle said...

Do you, by chance, knit? There are some great knit chemo cap patterns available (free) on the net.

Amber said...

Beatrice---That hat looks so stylish. What a nice gift for your Mom. If will "second" Rennagayle's comment on knitting hats---there are some beautiful patterns out there...

I'm glad to hear that your Mom is taking the hair loss in stride. Good luck to you and your Mom---I know this must be so difficult for both of you, in different ways.

Anonymous said...

Hello friend! That is one fabulous hat! Of course, nothing but the best if it is done by you! lol. Tell Oma that I am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. I laughed when I saw the picture of it on your head - I know how difficult it is to get a decent self portrait. I had visions of you taking picture after picture, cursing! Love you Bea.