Sunday, October 7, 2007

Good News

We had some good news the other day, regarding my mom's chemo treatments. She had her third treatment on Friday and as usual, before proceeding, they did bloodwork. The results were amazing the oncologist said- all levels were normal. He told her that this was remarkable and assured her that she likely wouldn't have any problems or delays getting through the rest of the treatments. So, hopefully, the worst will be behind her by Christmas. Although she's tired and nauseous, there's a lightning of mood and a feeling that the end is in sight. The treatment she had on Friday is the last of the "worst" chemicals they tell her, and the next three won't be so bad. The other piece of good news is that the tumour is not Herceptin receptive, so she will not have to endure a year of regular injections & related side effects, following the chemo, and it is assumed that the type of cancer is not as agressive as it could be. A bit of brightness, for which I am glad.

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