Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas prep

While I'm not hosting Christmas (and that's a first!) this year (thank God!), I am cooking the turkey, stuffing and gravy and bringing it over to my mom's (who was basically guilted in to hosting but still managed to dodge cooking a turkey, for the 19th year in a row!). I'm okay with this, since it's been a busy fall and I just don't have it in me to have 20 people over for dinner this year. I can, however, cook a bird in my sleep.

I was home sick today, but managed to sleep for 12 hours, after which I had energy to start prepping. First up, stuffing....a traditional sage & bread recipe, which I've made forever and seems to be favourite. I suspect that deviating from this recipe would bring howls of protest, so I don't.

Next, I decided to try this, using some dough I'd thrown together on the weekend. While the results were tasty, my technique is lacking....still, it's kind of festive, no?

So, tomorrow, bright and early, I'll stuff the bird and roast it. Hopefully it's done by noon, so I can make gravy and carve it up, and pack it away in the fridge in preparation for Christmas Day. For Christmas Eve at the in-laws, I'm in charge of salad and I'm thinking of making this. Looks pretty and yummy I think.

The presents are wrapped, the tree is decorated and the house is (relatively) clean. The boy is wound up and terribly excited. I'd say we're ready for Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone.....

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