Friday, December 19, 2008

Mmmmm....Ginger Molasses Cookies

Okay, so maybe I'm not totally off the Christmas baking after all. I think it's all in the type of cookie, and most importantly, that the cookie does not need to be rolled and cut out. That tries my patience. Or any kind of candy unwrapping / crushing / manipulating....not for me.

Now- mixing up dough, making free form lumps, dipping them in sugar, throwing them on a cookie sheet and having them turn out like my favourite overpriced Starbucks cookies, that's my kind of cookie. It's even better if it involves ginger, cinnamon and a big hit of ground cloves (don't skimp on the cloves!).

Meet my new addiction.....homemade Ginger Molasses Cookies.

They go equally well with a latte, coffee or red wine (and I suspect they would be really excellent with mulled wine) me, I tried them all!

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