Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Office.... done! Remember this? We started this little project almost a year ago. We got the bulk of it done, but the painting and finishing touches only happened over the Christmas holidays and this past month.

This project was almost exclusively IKEA supplied. We used IKEA kitchen cabinets, countertop and rolling file drawers. We cut down some old Billy bookcases and even re-purposed an old piece of IKEA art (it's not quite done yet...).

My favourite part is the large cabinet which houses all the computer gear, shredder and even our work bags! Colin had to build in a venting system to keep the computer cool, but the effort was worth it because it's hidden and quiet.
And there's even a hook bar for my purse and the assorted bags that find their way to our house.
It's all about being organized around on to the rest of the house!

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