Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Things I Love

A fun diversion on a blah-for-me day......

Soap! Check out this great soapery- We found it tucked away on the east coast of New Brunswick, while away on vacation. It's a great little company and their products are really really nice, and after using them for a month, I've noticed a difference in my skin- smoother, softer, and best of all, no weird reaction (my usual story with a new product). We hadn't intended to visit, but a summer storm sent us looking for a diversion just as we arrived at our intended destination, Bouctouche (also lovely and we did eventually make it there). Olivier makes all natural products based on olive oil. They make a great lip balm which can also be used on burns, scrapes, etc. Colin's been using the shaving soap, complete with an old fashioned brush and he's loving it....lasts forever too! I can also highly recommend the Dry-Sensitive Soap and the Lemongrass Exfoliant Soap.

Soup! I love soup....eating it, making it, finding new recipes for it. Check out for delicious soup bases and flavour concentrates, especially the MSG free Minor's Soup Bases. These aren't your standard oversalted boullion cubes and they're way better tasting than the canned or boxed broth. Best of all, you can make only as much as you need and the paste lasts 2 years in the fridge. This is the next best thing to making it yourself....and who has time for that?

Fabric! Just found these two sites, both for fabric....tons of beautiful fabric! I have swatches on the way from ....where I possibly may have found my elusive green fabric for E's room. Then I found this site which is Canadian, located in Toronto. Looks good, although I haven't ordered anything yet.

My feet! Go to for all kinds of spa products, including my favourite foot cream by Gehwol. Prices are the same or better than at a spa or salon, and you always get lots of free samples with your order. All orders $45 or more ship free, and I usually have an order at my door in 2 days. It's a Canadian company located in Richmond Hill. Why drive anywhere when it can come to you??!

Shoes.....comfortable, yet fashionable. If you don't have a retail store near you, this isn't a bad option


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